Butcher Boy Blue

by Paul Hichens (3)

Funny, thrilling and addictive with an enthralling new sleuth, Butcher Boy Blue is crime… and so much more!

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While it`s not my typical reading material, a friend well-versed in books recommended this to me, and I trusted his judgment. I`m delighted that I did!This book is a truly exceptional and original piece of work. If you`re looking for something refreshingly different, sprinkled with humor and excitement, I highly recommend giving it a try!


At the conclusion of the author`s career guide, I stumbled upon a mention of this book, where it was casually portrayed as an attempt at novel writing. However, to call it just an attempt would be an understatement; the author has undeniably excelled beyond expectations! The crime narrative is incredibly captivating, but it deviates from the typical `crimey` style. I had a hunch it would be good, but I never imagined it would be this exceptional!

Stuff Strife, Gimme Life!

by Paul Hichens (2)

Paul Hichens transformed his own mundane office-block existence into doing something he loves in a fantastic location, and has since helped and guided thousands of people to change their job / career and improve their lifestyle.

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A recommended read for those seeking positive changes in their careers.

Faisal Ameer

"Stuff Strife" is a remarkable career guide that gives practical advice in a very engaging way. Highly recommended!

Creating Your Masterpiece - A Novel Experience

by Paul Hichens (2)

Like no other novel writing guide Even this book has a twist!

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Paul Hichens is an exceptional author. "A Novel Experience" guides writers in sidestepping expensive missteps, proving transformative for determined authors.


Provides invaluable insights. An essential resource for aspiring authors.