About Us

The book industry is heavily weighted towards publishing houses and established authors. As such, independent authors generally don’t get a look in, which is a shame because (A) a lot of established titles are quite stale, (B) there are many fabulous independently published books that no one gets to hear about, and (C) current market practices perpetuate sales/reading of the same old books from the same old authors (regardless of how good or bad these books are) rather than giving every author equal opportunity, and allowing their sales to rise or fall on the merit of the book, rather than their position in websites such as Amazon. For example, highly talented new authors trying to publish a new novel on Amazon may (after 45 minutes clicking) eventually find their book on the obscurity of page 534. It’s one reason why some fantastic books sink without a trace while some mediocre books from establish office flourish.

To try to redress the balance we have created this website to bring the work of talented independent authors to the general public.

We hope that you will not only support them by buying their products, put that you will also help the cause of independent authors everywhere by linking to, and sharing details of this website.

Happy reading!